The Glory&Grace Project

$2 of every bracelet purchase helps send a CHILD TO SCHOOL!  In impoverished areas of Nicaragua the only thing stopping school aged children from attending school is a uniform.  A $30 Uniform can change their  lives and future!  We donate $2 of every bracelet sale to school uniforms for these children. We can make a difference! XOXO Glory Belle


  • We love our bracelets so much! Thank you so much!!
    - Tay_James
  • "My little girl gets comments on her bracelets everywhere she goes! She holds her little hand out every morning to get them back on for the day!
    - @Chelsmade
  • The matching bracelets are seriously worth every penny! I've been looking for baby jewelry that would be safe on her little wrists. I'm hooked. (and yes, I bought them and am not getting paid to tell you)!;)
    - @xolaurenpace
  • "This shop is operated by a SIXTEEN year old with an awesome vision. Help support the cause and get some darling little + mama jewelry in the process!
    - @its.rachelanne


Hi! I'm Glory Belle and I'm 16 years old. Here's my story of why I started "GloryBelles." In the summer of my 12th year I started my travels to a remote village in Nicaragua. This is when my love for humanitarian work began! I learned that in many impoverished countries children can only go to school if they have a uniform. So when I came back to the U.S. I wanted to be able to help these children more than just once a summer.  So the "Glory&Grace project" gives me the opportunity to donate $2 of every bracelet sold to the children's school uniforms. XOXO Glory