Sizing & Care

Bracelet Sizing

  1. The best way to decide which to order is to measure your child's wrist, or your own.  I like to use a fabric measuring tape or cut a piece of string and measure it flush against the skin.  For example my little sister Grace's wrist measures just under 5 inches.  So I would order her the closest size which is 5.0" or 3 years - 5 years! 
  2. We have come up with a pretty good sizing chart.  However, if the sizing doesn't seem quite right for your little one let us know!  Some babies wo are 18 months old can fit into the 3m-9m size!  It just depends on their individual little wrist. Custom sizing is available, if you don't see your size in the menu below, please contact us at Or when you check out you can a note in the Notes/Comments section.
  3. We do not accept any returns or exchanges at this time so be sure to order the correct size. Each bracelet comes with 4 chains to lengthen the bracelet so there's no need to size up if you're planning on your child wearing it in their current size. We know you and your child will love our bracelets! My little sister gets comments all day long on her stacked bracelets!
Bracelet Sizing Guide
  • 3.25” (Preemie)
  • 3.5” (0m-3m)
  • 4.0” (3m-9m)
  • 4.5” (9m-18m)
  • 4.75" (18m-3y)
  • 5.0” (3y-5y)
  • 5.5” (5y-12y)
  • 6.0” (Teen)
  • 6.5” (Adult Small)
  • 7.0” (Adult Medium)
  • 7.5” (Adult Large)
*We have estimated the age sizes for you, but make sure for your 1st order to measure your sweet one's wrist because just like we have individual personalities no wrist is the same!  If those sizes aren't quite right just email us or leave a comment and we will make sure to make the bracelet just the right size!
Care for Glory Belles bracelets
Our bracelets are all made with high quality gems, and 14K filled Rose Gold or Gold.  Although gold filled will keep its shine and resist tarnish, following these best practices will ensure longevity of your piece!
  • Remove bracelets during physical activities.  
  • Removing bracelets before meals will help the beads keep long life.  Sulfur is very corrosive and should be avoided while wearing bracelets.  This ingredient can be found in common household products (eggs, formula, mayonnaise, eggs, ketchup, etc).
  • Taking off the bracelet at night is recommended for your little one's safety and comfort.
  • To clean, wipe with very soft damp cloth or baby wipe.  Avoid abrasive materials like a Terry cloth, bath towel, and shirt to polish your jewelry. 
  • Bath, ocean or chlorinated/salted pool or hot tub water may damage the bracelet, so please use caution when entering water.  
  • Please watch teething babies closely especially toddlers.
  • Store your bracelets in a dark, low humidity area and in an air tight container such as a ziplock bag.  You should always clean and dry your piece before storing. 
When will my order ship?
We ship all bracelets within 1-4 business days.  Your Glory Belles package will come via USPS.  If you need express shipping please indicate in the comments section and we will send you a quote!